High Hopes

That’s my middle son Zeke (The Insights) on the right & Charlie (10 Mile Stereo) on the left.

I’m inordinately proud of him & there’s a multitude of posts on my old blog attesting to that:-

here and here and here and lots more here.

10 Mile… have an e.p launch coming up Friday week & Charlie & Zeke are doing this Kodaline cover prior to the set.

Zeke is the singer by default in The Insights. Nowhere near a good voice as Charlie but if you can get past the crappy iPhone sound quality I like the way they harmonize even if Zeke is off key in a few spots. That’s a joke at the beginning by the way, ‘How to love’ is truly horrible.

‘High Hopes’ is a great song in anyone’s hands but of course their version is my favorite.