I lifted this Wednesday’s picture from an eBay auction.

The listing wasn’t for the motorbike but rather this original Glass plate negative and as is par for the course I was outbid.

Still, a great looking motorcycle though?

Alcoyn were a French manufacturer who closed for business in the late 1950’s.

They were quite successful in their day with an extensive production range running from largish capacity Vee-Twins like this one (493cc).
To cheap and cheerful runabouts (100cc) that they punched out in great numbers during the depression.

Apparently this photo was taken in Hobart, Tasmania where there was a dealership.

Just how a dealership came to be established in a small provincial town (& Hobart would have been very small in the early 1900’s)

as far from France as you can go without falling off the earth’s edge is, well it has my mind boggling?

‘bon nuit mes amies!’


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