Why’d ya have to leave so soon

Rossi snow riding

Kept this for a long time.
But the reasons for –
all changed on lap two of the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix.
Marco Simoncelli (centre) was killed after as his bike careered across the track at turn eleven. Hit first by Colin Edward’s bike then by his friend and mentor Valentino Rossi (left) he died pretty much instantly fromĀ  catastrophic head injuries. It was the second impact that cost him his life and I think Valentino lost something that day, something more then a friend. I think he lost for want of a better word his Luck and I don’t know if he’s realised that yet.

I think it’s a lovely photo, all the more poignant for what was to come.
An uncluttered day from a simpler place that can never be revisited.


High Hopes

That’s my middle son Zeke (The Insights) on the right & Charlie (10 Mile Stereo) on the left.

I’m inordinately proud of him & there’s a multitude of posts on my old blog attesting to that:-

here and here and here and lots more here.

10 Mile… have an e.p launch coming up Friday week & Charlie & Zeke are doing this Kodaline cover prior to the set.

Zeke is the singer by default in The Insights. Nowhere near a good voice as Charlie but if you can get past the crappy iPhone sound quality I like the way they harmonize even if Zeke is off key in a few spots. That’s a joke at the beginning by the way, ‘How to love’ is truly horrible.

‘High Hopes’ is a great song in anyone’s hands but of course their version is my favorite.

young erv

1parkinglotRunning with the theme of tuners here is a photo of a very young Erv Kanemoto (white tee – center of photo). Whilst Erv is most closely associated with Kawasaki there were two years in the mid-seventies when he spannered for Suzuki.
Love this era of racing when the big two strokes ruled the tracks.

Simoto frame


Another mystery photo dragged across from old hard drives.
Apparently I labeled this SIMOTO Frame but for the life of me I can’t remember why.
It’s very obviously an RG500 engine in that custom made frame and the guy’s expressions are priceless which is probably why I Kept it.
But a quick browse on Google doesn’t yield much using ‘Simoto’ as the search term.
Never the less a worthy participant for Wednesdays photo.